Friends Season 6

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Monica and Chandler decide to live together in Monica's apartment, resulting in Rachel moving in withPhoebe. Phoebe's apartment catches on fire, leading Phoebe to move in with Chandler and Monica while Rachel lives with Joey.

Joey, still a struggling actor, gets a female roommateand a part on a cable television series called Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E., where he stars alongside a robot.

Ross, who has taken on a job as a professor of palentology at New York University, dates one of his students (Elizabeth Stevens), whose father (Paul Stevens - portrayed by Bruce Willis) disapproves of the relationship, while beginning a relationship with Rachel.

Chandler decides to propose to Monica. Wanting the proposal to be a surprise, he tells Monica that he opposes marriage. Monica considers going to back toRichard Burke

It was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at Emmy Award 2000.