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  • The funniest scene in Friends TV series ?

    The funniest scene in Friends TV series ?

    The One with Ross’s Tan.

    Too many great lines…

    “I like how you look…what are you?”
    “Puerto Rican…”

    “Well…I have a PhD, so…”


    “I’M A FOUR!!”

    “I’M AN EIGHT!!!”

    Season 10, Episode 2, when Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel kissing and stares blankly at them for a while...

    Joey: "Let me explain, okay?"

    Rachel: "We weren't doing anything!"

    Joey: "Rach he just saw us!"

    Rachel: "Shhh..."


    Joey: "That was the extent of it, okay? One kiss!"

    Rachel: "No come on that is a lie, we also kissed in Barbados!"

    Joey: "Dude chill!"


    Joey: "The only reason that it started was because I saw you kissing Charlie..."

    Rachel: "Yeah you started it! I have got to chill!!"

    And later when Ross still doesn't say anything, Rachel says "Can we just close the door?"
    And the whole part later where Ross is "fine". That whole scene has me laughing


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  • The best line said by Rachel Green in Friends TV Show Online?

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    Might not be the best line, more of a situation than the line itself but yes, I consider this to be the best Rachel Green moment in the show.

    *Season 8 Episode 1 - The One After ‘I Do’ : Rachel takes a pregnancy test to confirm if she’s actually pregnant.*

    Rachel: Oh wait! You know what? I can’t, I can’t look at it. I can’t. Somebody else tell me, somebody tell me.
    Phoebe: Okay.
    Rachel: Okay.
    Phoebe: Umm, it’s negative.
    Rachel: What?
    Phoebe: It’s negative.

    Rachel: Oh. Oh. Well there you go. Whew! (Pause) That is—that’s great—that is really great-great news. (Pause) Y’know ‘cause the whole not being ready and kinda the financial aspects, all that. Whew. Wow, this is so just the way it was supposed to be. (Starts to cry.) God.

    Monica: Well… Well, great.
    Phoebe: Here. (Gives Rachel a tissue.)
    Rachel: Thanks. (Crying) God this is so stupid! (Pause) How could I be upset over something I never had? It’s negative?

    Phoebe: No, it’s positive.

    Rachel: What?!
    Phoebe: It’s-it’s not negative, it’s positive.
    Rachel: Are you sure?
    Phoebe: Well yeah, I lied before.
    Rachel: Oh!
    Monica: Oh God..

    Phoebe: Now you know how you really feel about it.
    Rachel: Oh-oh, that’s a risky little game!
    Monica: Are you really gonna do this?

    Rachel: Yeah. I’m gonna have a baby. I’m gonna have a baby. I’m gonna have a baby! (They all hug.)

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